Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quality Excellence Program

Business Network Long Distance employees are sought out and hired for their concern for excellence and the need to satisfy our customer base. We care about our customer’s needs and their security.  There are no corners cut when it comes to the quality assurance process we implement for every customer we provide with our services. Every sale we make is triple checked to ensure that all standards were met throughout the entire five step quality process.
The five step quality process we use here at Business Network Long Distance is a practice we have perfected over the years. Step one of the process is to record and review one hundred percent of the calls that are made by our sales representatives for maximum quality assurance. Step two is to use a live third party verification company to confirm that our customers wish to use our service after a customer decides that they would like to take advantage of what we offer. Step three is to immediately call the customer back to validate the sale and that they were in fact the person who authenticated the change. Step four is another layer of protection for our customers where we will actually place a forty-eight hour hold on any changes to ensure that the customer does not change their mind, but if they wish to do so they can cancel before the sale gets processed. The fifth and final step is for an automatic review and then a manual review to guarantee that the sales representative did their job properly and that all five steps of the quality process we in fact followed.

Here at Business Network Long Distance we have a training regimen that every new employee will have to endure before they will have the privilege of being considered a Business Network Long Distance employee. Our staff takes pride in the service that we are providing and the close working relationship we enjoy fosters an environment that makes it a delight to show up to work each and every day. It is our hope that each and every customer we encounter is thoroughly satisfied with our service.