Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Long Live the Landline

Since its invention in 1875, the landline has been trusted by millions of people.  The invention has been improved throughout the years to make it a reliable form of communication.

During the 21st century, landline telephone usage reached its peak.  Some may think that it is on the downfall, however to this day 64% of households maintain a landline. There are several reasons to consider, when you consider maintaining a landline.

The landline through many improvements has stayed reliable.  While technology has changed, they kept the hard wires instead of switching to towers.  This is because the towers that are used for cell phones can get jammed and are unpredictable.

The landline has also maintained to be an affordable line for communication.  The cell phone increases in price with new technology constantly emerging that you have to upgrade for, while the landline lasts for years.  Also, if you break your landline, you don’t have to worry about waiting for it to cost a reasonable price when your contract is up.  You can go to your local convenience store for your new landline.
Your business needs a line to depend on for communication.  The landline is just that.

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