Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Your Business Line Should Be Professional

When employees use their smartphones instead of business landlines for work, it can be cost-effective for some organizations, but there are downsides to cutting the cord, including problems with call quality and issues around organizational control.

The traditional desktop telephone persists in most enterprise settings today, despite the rise of smartphones.  Before you unplug all your business landlines, think about some of the problems you may encounter. 

Do you want important customers, clients and other contacts to have access to your employee’s personal phone numbers? 

Mobile phones are essential for many personal activities, but employees really don’t need mobile access at work.  It is instead better to have landlines for the work environment.  In these scenarios, employers will appreciate the lower costs of wired services and employees will appreciate the improved reliability. 

“Our advice to clients is not to switch from an office-based phone to a cell phone exclusively,” said Fred Manuel, General Partner at Alliance Cost Containment in Ann Arbor, Mich., a company that works with businesses to reduce costs in all areas of operation.

Manuel said that while his focus is helping customers cut costs, using a cell phone can cost more in the end because it can be frustrating to customers who can’t hear you clearly on the phone.

“What you’re saying to your client is that you care more about saving money than delivering good service and you may be sending the message that you really don’t have the money for an office with a land based phone,” Manuel told Business News Daily.

As you know, everything has its advantages and disadvantages.  Whether keeping a separate landline for your mobile phone is going to work for you or not, would depend on your needs and preferences; but taking them into consideration won’t do you any harm.  Keep your landline and all of its advantages and save even more money on your long distance service contact Business Network Long Distance, your trusted business partner.