Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Insurance You Can Count On!

In the United States we love our insurance policies. We insure just about everything. We insure our homes, our cars, health, recreational equipment, the things in our homes and cars too. We insure our business, the people who work for our business, the things we use at our business and possibly the customers who use our business. 
Well how do you like that? That sure sounds nice and cozy doesn’t it? Insurance helps us to keep our peace of mind. That if things should not go the way we hope, should some kind of tragedy strike, we will not have to suffer too great of a loss.
We seem to have a plan for almost every situation these days, but what about your communication needs.  You have a cell phone and insurance on your cell phone, but do you have a backup plan?  Isn’t that what insurance is really all about?  Having something in case the first thing falls through or gets broken.  Your cell phone if lost or stolen leaves you with no way to contact people or activate your insurance. 
Enter…Landline.  The landline is your insurance line for communication needs.  Not only that but it also provides extra reliability with contacting 911, giving you another form of insurance.  Your business depends on communication, are you prepared for any situation?
Of the two hundred and seventy million 911 calls made in the United States each year, the response time to the individual location is based on knowing the exact address.  If your home or business does not have a landline telephone in it, the call made for help may take a significantly longer amount of time to arrive.
You see the 911 operators are only able to respond with the type of pinpoint accuracy you really need in an emergency situation when the call is made from a landline telephone. This is possible because when a 911 call goes out from a landline telephone, the dispatcher is given the exact location the call has been made from as soon as the call is placed. This is done automatically as the call has been made from a fixed location.
 Now that is an insurance policy you can count on when you need it!  A plan that has no “may be” to it. Sure a cell phone call signal can be traced by pinging the signal off a series of towers. But that can take time. Time you and your business or customers may not have.  The inaccuracy from a cell phone can be a real problem if the call is made from a cell phone within a public space.  Don’t leave the safety of your home or business left in the hands of your cell phone. You don’t have to settle for less.

This great low cost insurance that you can have to safeguard your home or business is found only in landline telephone and is irreplaceable.  To learn how affordable the great policy can be for you. Contact Business Network Long Distance to save money on your long distance bill!