Friday, November 1, 2013

Cell Phones in the Workplace: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Cellular phones seem to be a part of society, now even entering the workplace.  Many employers are attempting to go strictly cellular at their businesses and seem to think it is a good idea to let their workers bring their own cell phones to work.  Business owners may be thinking that it can possibly reduce costs, ensure a better work environment because the employees are happier and even attract new and more creative workers.  Despite the good this idea affords, the bad and the ugly can be costly for your business.

Some may think it’s abnormal to think that you would let your employees bring their smart phones to make them happier; nevertheless, while you're paying them for productivity and creativity, they are wasting time on their phones!  As an employer, you are paying them to work for your business and contribute to the company’s growth.  If you were visiting a store or a potential business partner, how would you feel if they were texting and watching videos instead of working? 

Another factor to consider is how easy it is to be distracted by your smartphone.  Cell phones provide enjoyment in all forms and can continually entertain us.  They provide captivating material between the texts, social media and games; you can be entertained for hours without even using the phone as a phone.  So are you paying your employees cell phone bills for calls or for the extras? 

While banning cell phones is an unlikely solution, instead keep the cell phones for personal calls and the business line for work.

One last problem to consider in providing cell phones to employees is that it blurs the line between home and work.  Employees answering personal phone calls at work and working from home can get difficult and stressful quickly. 

Keep the cell phones out of the workplace and save money.  Business Network Long Distance is your trusted business partner, helping you keep cost down and productivity high.