Monday, November 4, 2013

Top Three Reasons You Need a Landline

A lot of business owners seem to think landline phones are becoming extinct like the dinosaurs. The large number buttons, hefty handles and long cords aren’t as attractive as the small cell phone.  However, before you let your landline go you may want to consider what the landline does bring to your company.

1.       A Stable Connection - Being able to communicate to others efficiently and effectively is a key factor in business. Stock trades and other business transactions happen at the speed of light, and being on a cell phone while service may become interrupted can have a costly effect. Using a landline will ensure that a business transaction is handled correctly and securely, without the dropped call or out of range static.

2.       Reliable and Dependable – As a business owner, you want the ability to communicate in any storm or emergency.  Overworked or out of commission cell networks and towers have failed in these situations, but the landline continues to reach emergency services or other landlines.  Without any power, the landlines still works effectively and does not rely on being charged regularly.  Companies with a landline have the peace of mind knowing their transactions are safe and secure in these situations.

3.       Cost – This may be your biggest concern as a business owner, if it is, the landline is right for you.  With cell phones becoming more advanced, cell phone companies are constantly finding ways to charge more.  Unlimited plans are a necessity now and cost an arm and a leg.  Businesses are dependent on the profit, where there are possible savings, grab ahold of them. 
These are the top three reasons a business should choose a landline over a cell phone. While there are positives and negatives to both services, no cell phone can offer what a landline does in communication. 

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