Thursday, November 28, 2013

Productivity Loss

A business cannot compete if it does no stay on top of new technology.  If it fails to stay up to date, it will fall behind the pack.  Advancements in telecommunication has revolutionized human existence, because of it many companies have attempted to go wireless.  The idea of course is to gain an edge or at least stay even with the competition, but this has not been the experience for many who have chosen this path. For them, it’s been more like going backward instead of forward.

By going wireless many companies find that the mobile device becomes a constant in meetings, office conversations, etc.  When the cell phone should be put away and used for personal time, it becomes an excuse since it is also their business line.  This opens up games and all other applications to be used on company time on the company phone, however passed off by a walker-by as a business duty. 

Loss of productivity becomes one of the largest issues with a wireless company.  The company also sees a loss of funds because of the expense cell phones charge as well as if the employee has their phone lost or stolen.  Finally, with all the information that is now stored on the cell phone because it is the business phone as well, if anyone does steal the phone, information loss can be a security threat to the entire company.

The aims and objectives of going wireless are to make the company simpler when instead it makes for a more complicated model of communication within the company. 

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