Friday, November 8, 2013

Keep the Employees Focused

            Productivity is where the business strives.  If you look around, though, do you not see the streets and halls of commerce filled with hunched over humans hovering over their cellphones and oblivious to the worlds around them. To get your people back to work, to get them to focus on the task at hand and increase productivity, the cellphone needs to be put away. Landlines are the
            Cellphones interrupt business in a multitude of ways, providing distractions and creating hazards. They actually add to stress and burn-out, too, killing productivity. Here are some ways landlines will ensure that the focus of your business will work.
1.      Remove the cellphone distraction by requiring employees to conduct business on landlines, where social media does not exist. Personal calls on cellphones should be limited. Landlines can also security measures to review contact history, and or record/listen to conversations to ensure customers are being handles properly and professionally.
2.      Focus on meetings and projects by keeping personal or frivolous interruptions to a minimum that are often found on cell phones/smart phones.
3.      Increase security by using landlines, minimizing the opportunity for electronic eavesdropping, intentional or accidental.
4.      Landlines and localized records are much more secure. How dangerous would it be if all of your business information, contacts, and records were on an unlocked cellphone and it was lost or damaged?
5.      The use of landlines creates a separation of the personal life and the professional life, a key component of employee productivity.
6.      In-the- moment text decisions are typically less than productive. The responder is focused on sending a reply, not necessarily on making the best decision or taking time to consult with others to compose the best solution.
Cutting out landlines in your business is actually counter- productive and costly Landlines put the control of the work environment back into the hands of managers and owners, increasing productivity and the quality of services rendered.

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