Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Keep Your Business Safe

Tips to keep your business safe:
  • Create a formal written Internet security policy for employees.
  • Create a formal written policy for social media use on work hours.
  • Provide internet safety training.

Assess the Risk:
  • Monitor the accounts of all employees, be aware of your assets and the defenses to protect these.
Consider the Following:
  • What information do you collect from customers?
  • How do you store the information you collect?
  • Who has access to customer information?
  • How do you protect the information?
Monitor Threats:
  • SPAM
Security Plan:
  • Prevention - Create a plan for all employees to follow that identifies the risks associated with attacks and the solutions to avoid them.
  • Resolution - In the event of a breach of a security, what will the plan be for resolving the issue.
  • Restitution - Be prepared to address customers and secure future trust.
Simple Steps:
  • Make sure all of your information is securely backed up!
  • Change passwords often.
  • Educate employees on safety procedures.
  • Know what is important to protect.

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