Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Smart Phone for Your Business-The Landline

Let's just face it. Nobody thinks about a landline today when you think about phones. Technology and marketing has completely left out landlines for the past few years.  All we hear about is cell phones and the latest greatest device we need to purchase.  This often overrides the relevance of the phones initial purposes, which is contact and communication.

When it comes to your business, how comfortable are you with knowing that your calling abilities are subject to unstable conditions? How comfortable are your clients with your entire business being mobile?  Moreover how safe is your business being totally mobile?

When dealing with cell phones there are too many possible pitfalls that could occur during a crucial business moment for you. Dropped calls can be the most underestimated killjoy of a business call, especially if you're in the middle of receiving information from a client. This results due to weak cell signals or poor coverage areas. Poor quality in certain areas also becomes a buzz kill for clients. Really though, who wants to keep repeating themselves to someone who wants their business, my money?

Another factor is the distractions that occur while on a mobile phone. The distractions range from people around you talking to you, driving, texts coming in, etc. Wouldn’t you rather be answering business calls in a business setting on a designated business line? 

Let’s mention battery life? Think about the T-Mobile commercial with Bill Hader in which he is running from power outlet to power outlet in the office trying to stay connected to a client, and then he eventually loses the client. Can you really afford to re-enact this scene for yourself?

Consider the perception that your clients may have of your business being solely on a mobile phone. What does it really say about your business? How much easier is it to scam a person with a cell phone that is not as traceable as a landline? Many are not comfortable with giving their hard earned money to somebody who is not centrally located where they can contact them and see them when they need to.

Mobile phones for your main business line just do not convey stability to customers. Also consider the impact of not being registered in the phone book. How does that impact your marketing? In America, your image is everything.

Also remember the security!  The landline provides a line that cannot be hacked as easily, making credit card numbers and other information safe!  You as a business owner should feel just as cautious about your own banking info on a mobile. 

Get the landline for your business and call Business Network Long Distance to save money on your long distance costs. 

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