Monday, October 28, 2013

Landline Safety Features

Keeping your landline is the most important decision a home or business owner can make.  While it may seem like a minor detail, there are many reasons that make it a top priority.

Batteries and towers are not required for the use of landlines.  Landlines require no batteries, while some cordless phones need an occasional charging when not in use; the corded landline requires no electricity.  Your cell phone battery goes out and you are unable to contact anyone until it charges.  What if the power is out?  A landline can save a lot of stress if an unpredictable power outage occurs.  During emergencies as well, the cell phone tower can be compromised for bandwidth, causing your cell phone to be unable to make phone calls or text.

Cell phones are at the mercy of weather and geographic features of the area.  Whereas landlines give you five bars everywhere.  No worrying about where you are in your house and if you get a signal, the landline doesn’t drop your call. 

The safety feature included in a landline for your business is especially important when considering the safety of your employees and of your customers. They will remember how you were prepared and could contact emergency services with the landline, while others were stranded because of only mobile phones and signals jammed. 

Business Network Long Distance cares about your safety and your priorities.  Keep your landline and save money with long distance services by Business Network Long Distance.