Monday, October 14, 2013

Cell Phone vs. Landline

There is a price one pays to enjoy the plethora of benefits of owning a cell phone. A cell phone makes life easier and efficient, but annoyance and vulnerability are a part of the package as well.

The cell phone and the landline are natural allies, their inherent abilities and inabilities work well together, let’s consider them.

Cell Phone: Mobility equals around the clock access for everyone to you, which can mean a ton of calls, at any given time, from those you do not need or want to talk with.

Landline: The home phone should be the work horse for receiving calls, an answering machine or service is a great way to screen calls.

Cell Phone: This mode of communication is not operating on a secured system, conversations can easily be intercepted. You are a sitting duck if you give sensitive financial or very personal information over your cell phone. A simple device like a scanner can intercept the analog waves that carry wireless calls.

Landline: You have security of your conversation because it is harder to intercept a conversation through cables compared to radio waves.

Cell Phone: This technological wonder is prone to loss, theft, misplacement and damage.

Landline: The old but faithful is stationary and robust, it has stood the test of time.
In short, make your cell phone number exclusive, like a country club. You do not want everyone to have access to you. Your home number is like the county park, it allows more access to you but it's screened. In addition, the long distance service on the landline is less expensive.

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