Friday, October 25, 2013

Why choose a business landline?

One argument against your business landline you may hear is that it is outdated and no longer needed, because cell phones provide everything a business needs and more. Stop! Don't buy into the hype and cancel your landline without comparing the important differences between business landlines and cell phones.

The primary reason for having any phone is to communicate with your potential clients. Landlines are used for verbal communication, while cell phones have the capability of both verbal and non-verbal communication; such as: texting, tweeting, Facebook, etc... However, cell phone features cannot compete with traditional landline security, reception and dependability.

Traditional phone lines do not use software and calls travel over permanently connected terrestrial circuits. Security against electromagnetic intrusion or spying (cyber security) is a leading security problem in the United States. Cell phones connect with the telephone network using radio waves, which makes them susceptible to attack from eavesdroppers who intercept consumer information from radio frequencies. The entire spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies include: not just wireless calls, but also frequencies used for radios, scanners, microwave ovens, facsimile, video, radars and televisions.

This provides a safer network for new clients to provide credit card or other information.  Cell phones track your incoming and outgoing calls, incoming or outgoing text messages and your location. By using a landline it becomes more difficult for media marketers to send signals to your cell phone. Security systems for your office can be connected directly to the landline. This provides another safety feature to your place of business.

Landlines offer a clear channel of communication without the white noise or dead zones that are common in all cell phone services.  How embarrassing it can be when you are not sure which parts of your office have no bars and your call disconnects. Landlines give consumers added security, by restricting undesired callers from having unlimited access to your cell phone. 

The business landline is more dependable than a wireless cell phone also because they work during power outages. While the power outage may shut down surrounding companies, it would be great for your company to outlast the power outage and continue to take orders and provide great customer service.  This also gives any visiting customers a way to communicate with family and friends where they are in case they are stranded due to it.

Landlines are linked to the address of the line, which provides a 911 guarantee. There is no such guarantee with cell phones and the extra minutes that it could take to find the exact location are not worth the risk.

In order to protect your investment, let your cell phone stay personal and conduct business on your landline. Business landlines are affordable, providing unlimited local calling at a reasonable price and if you want to save even more money on your long distance service, contact Business Network Long Distance.