Monday, December 2, 2013

Putting the Customer First

The key is putting customers first. All successful business revolves around this belief and acts accordingly. To that end, we at Business Network Long Distance follow all Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines and regulations, especially when protecting our clients.
To ensure our customers are getting the best service we follow the rules that the FCC has put into place.  Specifically, several regulations regarding phone switching from one provider to another The Telecommunications Act and FCC regulations hold corporations accountable for the actions of their employees. This includes telemarketers.
To legally switch service between providers, the new company must perform one of the following:
·         Verify oral authorizations through an independent third party.
·         Provide and obtain written authorization from the consumer; or
·         Provide a toll- free number for clients to call confirming the switch.
Third party verification is required to ascertain certain personal information including verification data. It is also required to verify that you are authorized to make such financial decisions. This is especially critical in a business environment where multiple lines and the company’s organization are concerned. Confirmation is needed to ensure that you with to change providers and that you understand that you are authorizing a company change, not simply upgrading an existing service or consolidating a bill. This question protects consumers from possibly misleading information. Former and current provider information is necessary to complete the switch.
A letter of Agency “LOA” may be written or electronically sent. It is used to confirm a consumer’s desire to change companies. Like the telemarketer verification information detailed above, it requires some personal billing information. The Letter, though, authorizes the new provider to act as the Agent of change in switching your long distance service. It may not be part of promotional materials or advertisements (except incentive checks, under certain circumstances). It is important that the LOA, as a legal document, detail and explain all local, local toll, and long distance providers being switched or affiliated.
The final method of authorization is to establish and use one or more toll- free numbers for electronic confirmation. The lines must be dedicated to that purpose. Calling the line connects the consumer to a live or automated voice unit that will record the required information detailed above for verification purposes. Calls which authorize a provider switch must be placed from the telephone line(s) in question.
These safeguards have been put in place by the FCC to protect consumers from illegal practices. All companies operating within the law follow these regulations.

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