Monday, September 23, 2013

The Reliable Phone: The Landline

The reason the landline telephone has not become outdated is simply the functionality of such a system. Most individuals have a cell phone, but when it comes to homes and businesses these are entities with fixed locations that should have a dedicated number. Businesses can advertise their number all over their service area for a small fee by their carrier without fear of their number being changed, as they have the right to be the only entity with that number. We have all received "wrong number" calls on our cell phones because providers recycle those numbers and that is usually not the case with landlines.

The landline telephone has been in existence for about a century and because of that carriers and providers have thoroughly experimented with the overhead involved with providing such a service. The rates that are associated with landlines are generally the same from month-to-month, whereas cell phones have numerous different charges that can be accumulated by a user unknown to them. Roaming charges, exceeding certain limits and even different times of the day can cause discrepancies in a user’s service bill.

Cell phones are subject to a lot of different types of interference because the signal is transmitted over air waves, but with landlines the signal is actually sent through wires so the chances of your call being "dropped" or "lost" are minimal.

Businesses and home phones all over the nation on their landline telephones for many reasons.  The most frequent are emergencies and the reliable service they provide.  Landlines are undeterred by weather, most natural disasters and high volumes of calls.  Contact Business Network Long Distance for your long distance needs.