Friday, September 20, 2013

Professionals Have Landlines...Right?

A business landline may seem unnecessary at this point in time with easy accessibility to cell phones.  However, I challenge you to think about your customers.  Consider your experiences as a customer…

When you are looking for a certain service, vendor, shop, etc.  If you were to call them and they answered hello, by mistake instead of with their business name, would you wonder if you got the correct line?

If you then set up an appointment and went to their house, would you question how secure and real this business was?

Small businesses have to start somewhere.  But take the first step and get a landline to give your business its own phone.  The consumer wants to deal with the professionals in the business. 

A landline is a small fee for having a great first interaction.  Don’t worry about the phone dying, losing service or being unavailable in a power outage or storm.  Trust the reliable business phone.

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